Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pre-race nerves are killing me Smalls.

Dear lord these pre-race nerves can bugger off right now. I'm fairly sure I don't have shin splints, my knee isn't dodgy, and I BLOODY WELL HOPE my back isn't actually playing up because it sure felt like it yesterday. I had to resort to ibuprofen because I just couldn't concentrate from the pain.

It's just a fricken 12km race. Sheesh.

I know this is all mental, because my foot is fine, but my back is still under repair and I'm still getting used to all my ergonomic changes at work so every time I straighten up at work and feel my old chair behind me I have that nanosecond flash through my brain of:

"What is that feeling oh it's the lumbar support from my old office chair is my back sore at the moment no it isn't now oh good I hope it stays that way I hate that feeling of a dodgy back I hope it doesn't hurt during the race and that I don't have a flare up because of the race the physiotherapist said it would be fine but I've got form for breaking myself the week after a race..."

Every. Time.

Post-race Sunday lunch at the pub can't come soon enough.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A gingerbread day.

I've got a bunch of posts in draft at the moment. Half will be deleted, others will see the light of day at some point. Some are on running, one is on rally. But today I want to say how much I enjoyed my parkrun, so they can wait.

It wasn't because I got to see 5 lovely parkrunners run their 100th parkrun, or take part in a new attendance record or seeing a new course record being made, or the amazing amount of cake (and absolutely ripping gingerbread). It was just a good run.

I didn't take it gently, and the only things that hurt were my lungs. It felt wonderful.

I've got full movement in my back, but there is still a small amount of pain to the right of my L5 that lingers. When work moved out of our old building, we were allowed to take our old desk chairs home with us. Mine sat in the office at home, unused except as a cat perch but today I took it into work. We've got lovely looking and beautifully designed whizzy chairs, but when I sit in them it looks like I've got whopping lordosis which makes me suspect the lumbar support they have just isn't enough.

The physio and I think that my old chair might supply the lumbar support I require when seated, and as I sit on my bum for eight hours a day I need it. Hopefully with the replacement chair I can eliminate the lingering issues.

I've still got to change my registration for the City to Surf this year. I'd signed up for the half, but I think it sensible to stick with the 12km option. It's quite handy actually, as I've only ever walked the 12km distance before, so assuming things don't go terribly wrong I'll automatically PB on the course!

Friday, August 07, 2015

All the feelings - pride and pain.

When the physio discharged me he said that there is a possibility that my back wasn't completely and absolutely fixed, because the Celebrex would have decreased some of the inflammation in my back as well as the inflammation in my foot, disguising the issue.

I had my last Celebrex on Monday morning, and knew that it would slowly wear off during the week. And did it ever. My glutes and hamstrings complained a bit on Wednesday and bellowed with a vengence on Thursday. I used the Rumble Roller and things loosened up a lot, and I felt relatively normal today, with just a little bit of pain to the right of the base of my spine; it felt like it was related more to the state of my glute rather than the state of my spine. I'll see how I go this weekend, but I think I'll book in for Tuesday morning and get a little bit of treatment done.

I jammed my thumb into the side of my foot to see if it hurt any and I got very excited that it did not. We're heading down to Dawesville parkrun tomorrow to restore my parkrun Statesman status (it means I've completed every parkrun in the state) and I'm super keen to try and crack out a reasonably fast one on the course - it's fairly swift, and the last time I ran it they hadn't finished the repaving so there is a spare 5 seconds right there.

We had awesome news this evening. When Jeremy got home there was a small padded envelope waiting for him. In it was a medal - when he'd signed up to the Gold Coast Marathon he also entered the Australian Masters Athletics Marathon Championship. He'll admit to everyone he entered for shits and giggles; because as a Masters Athletics WA member he could. The medal? A gold medal, as he was the fastest 35-39 year old male Masters Athlete at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. He's even more proud of his time, and I'm even more proud of him.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Six left after crest

Post Pioneer parkrun reporting in:

My foot hurt afterwards, so:

I didn't do the intended extra lap after parkrun
I'm not doing a run at Bickley Brook reservoir next Sunday, and am going to parkrun on Saturday instead to see how it goes.


I ran on the lumpy Pioneer course 29:25, considerably faster than my 31:19 at the flat Swan River Run
I ran like I normally run, and didn't look at time and splits
Pioneer was always going to be a far bigger test of my tendon that SRR would be
It hurt going into the 4th kilometre, so I managed the first three OK, but heading uphill into my final lap of the course it started to twinge
It didn't hurt nearly as much as it did weekend before last when I needed to ice it for so long I fell asleep
During parkrun I didn't need to stop and walk,
I didn't need to stop at all
I didn't feel like I had to put in much effort to cover the 5km in that time, so I've somehow managed to retain that base fitness.

Also: those logical thoughts managed to wheedle their way into my head over the past few days, so I'm less worried about not having enough fitness to run Six Inch, however I am still going to use November as my decision time.

Overall: Feeling generally positive. I haven't progressed as far as I'd hoped and/or thought, but I haven't gone backwards either.